RTDNF Canada Announces the new Sachedina CTV News Fellowship

TORONTO (April 29, 2024)CTV News and Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Omar Sachedina announced today the creation of the new Sachedina ∙ CTV News ∙ Fellowship, in partnership with RTDNF Canada and the University of Toronto’s Massey College

The Sachedina CTV News Fellowship provides the opportunity for a journalism student from a Canadian university or college who has recently graduated or is within one year from graduation to receive a stipend of $10,000 to produce a substantial and original piece of journalism that will be considered for publication on a CTV News platform. The piece must be completed within six months of selection to the fellowship program, and should explore a subject or theme that is significant to Canada and Canadians.

Throughout the reporting process, the Fellow will receive mentoring and training from the leading team of editors and reporters at the CTV National Newsroom in Toronto. 

Additionally, Massey College will provide the Fellow with expertise and resources, including:

• Assistance from a Senior Member at Massey College to develop connections with subject matter experts in their field of research

• Access to the University of Toronto Libraries system for the duration of the Fellowship, the largest academic library in Canada

• Access to all public spaces at Massey College

• Membership to the Massey College Alumni Association upon completion

“Journalism is integral to our democracy. We’re very proud to launch the new Sachedina CTV News Fellowship to support and further expand the opportunities available to the next generation of journalists in Canada,” said Sachedina. “With mentorship and training from our exceptional team at CTV NATIONAL NEWS, the Fellows will hone their reporting skills to produce a piece that challenges and enriches our understanding of the country. We’re grateful for the partnership of RTDNF Canada and Massey College, whose valuable resources will enhance the Fellows’ experience in the program.”

CTV News is proud to support Omar in the creation of this valuable new Fellowship program,” said Richard Gray, VP, News, Bell Media. “With the opportunity to work alongside our talented CTV NATIONAL NEWS editors and reporters, the selected Fellows will gain first-hand experience as they grow their journalism skills and take what they’ve learned and put it into practice in a working newsroom.”

“This Fellowship provides students with a unique and important opportunity to start off their careers with a major, significant work of journalism. As a launching pad, there is nothing else like it in Canada,” said Bill Amos, President, RTDNF Canada. “Backed by Omar Sachedina and the excellent CTV News team, winners of this Fellowship will be on their way to joining the top echelon of Canadian journalism.”