2023 Best Canadian Local News Awards

Congratulations to the 2023 Best Canadian Local News Award Winners!

RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Best Canadian Local News Awards. RTDNA Canada honours the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and news-gathering organizations in audio, digital, and video.

“Congratulations to the award winners and all the finalists. Your communities are well-served by your commitment.”
Lis Travers
 President, RTDNA Canada

Congratulations to the Best Canadian Local News Award Finalists!

RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Best Canadian Local News Awards.

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and news-gathering organizations in audio, digital, and video.
Best Canadian Local News Awards winners will be announced at the National Awards Gala in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on October 21, 2023.

Congratulations to these finalists for their exceptional work. 


Best Podcast

  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – One in Six: A Fertility Journey
  • CBC Thunder Bay – What You Believe in Will Carry You Through
  • CBC North Yellowknife – Giant: Murder Underground
  • CBC Vancouver – Land Back    

Breaking News Small/Medium Market

  • VOCM – Hurricane Fiona Makes Landfall
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Sanderson Arrest – Afternoon Edition
  • CBC Victoria – Saanich Robberies

Breaking News Large Market

  • Global BC – Langley Shootings 
  • CBC Manitoba – Aug 22, 7:30 a.m. Newscast
  • CBC Ottawa – Convoy Live Hit: Standoff Begins

Excellence in Editing Small/Medium Market

  • CBC Kamloops – Nacho Chips, Crackers and Tiny Fish: How a B.C. Senior Survived on the Open Sea for Nearly 6 Days
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Sled Dog Education
  • CBC Sudbury – The Sno Float

Excellence in Editing Large Market

  • CBC Vancouver – The Magic of Marmalade
  • CBC Calgary – Struck 
  • CBC Toronto – Drewry Secondary School Choir Performs at Long-Term Care Home                    

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC Thunder Bay – Meet the Barkmans, the First Nations Hockey Family Fuelling the Dreams of Their Youngest Son
  • CBC Yukon – Pro Soccer Debut            
  • CBC Manitoba – How Allan Chan is Passing on His Love For Hockey to the Next Generation of Asian-Canadians

Feature News Small/Medium Market

  • 650 CKOM – Entrer Poķwîspi (Enter Anytime): Opening the Door to a Lost Language
  • CBC Yukon – Suitcase Stories   
  • CBC Quebec – Prokofiev in the Charlevoix: Baie St-Paul Artist Explores his Connection to Ukraine

Feature News Large Market

  • CBC Vancouver – Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh Selling Out Rogers Arena Marks a Cultural Shift in B.C.    
  • CBC Calgary – How Classes in Agriculture and Baseball May Have Saved 2 Rural Alberta Schools
  • CBC Toronto – A Daring Escape

News – Live Special Events

  • CBC North, N.W.T. – Hay River Flood Coverage: The Trailbreaker
  • CBC New Brunswick – Hurricane Fiona  
  • CBC Vancouver – Six Months Later: On The Coast Reports Live From Abbotsford on the Six Month Anniversary of The B.C. Floods.
  • CBC Thunder Bay – Celebrating Mino Bimaadiziwin – The Good Life – for Indigenous Peoples Day


  • CityNews Halifax – Parkinson’s Doesn’t Have Me
  • CBC Montreal – Ride-Along in a Wheelchair Accessible Van: Let’s Go
  • CBC Edmonton – The Shoe Project: Stories of Fear and Triumph
  • CBC Kelowna – Honk for the Kids: How Pandemic Protests Energized a New Parents’ Movement in B.C.

Radio Newscast Small/Medium Market

  • C-FAX 1070 – Victoria Today: Newscast, Nov 22, 2022
  • CityNews Halifax – The Morning News: The Aftermath of Fiona
  • 980 CJME – 980 CJME Morning News   
  • CBC KW – The 8:30 News on CBC KW 

Radio Newscast Large Market

  • CityNews 1130 – Snowmageddon Nightmare Commute  
  • 680 CJOB and Global Winnipeg – Live at 5: The Pope’s Apology
  • CBC Montreal – February 8, 2022


Breaking News Small/Medium Market

  • CTV News Vancouver Island – Saanich Bank Shooting   
  • CBC Saskatoon – James Smith Mass Stabbings
  • CBC Nova Scotia – Fiona Smashes into Atlantic Canada: Washing Away Homes and Knocking Out Power

Breaking News Large Market

  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital: Ottawa Police Clear Convoy Protest
  • CBC British Columbia – Snowed In: Major Snowfall Causes Travel Chaos
  • CBC Manitoba – 3 First Nations Women, 1 Unidentified Woman Were Victims of Alleged Serial Killer        

Excellence in Data Storytelling

  • CBC Ottawa – No Ballots Required        
  • CBC Calgary – Calgary is a City of Haves and Have-Nots When it Comes to Trees
  • CBC Vancouver – Why Vancouver City Council is so Inefficient   
  • CBC Atlantic – Atlantic Investigative Unit: Safe Sleep      

Excellence in Social

  • CBC Manitoba – Manitoba Municipal Election Coverage  
  • CBC Vancouver – What We Know About Chelsea Poorman’s Disappearance      
  • CBC Toronto – 2022 Provincial Election

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC British Columbia – Diamonds of the Downtown Eastside
  • CBC New Brunswick – Atlantic Investigative Unit: Equity on Ice   
  • CBC Ottawa – ‘I’d be a completely different person’: St. Patrick’s High School Basketball
  • CBC Manitoba – From the Pitch to the Front Lines: Winnipeg Goalkeeper Enlists with Ukrainian Armed Forces     

Feature News Small/Medium Market

  • CBC Yukon – When the Salmon Disappear        
  • CBC North Cree Unit – Going Home: Nemaska Cree Seek Apology, Reconciliation After Forced Relocation
  • Global News – N.S. Workers Say Wages, ‘shut up, do your job’ Mentality Driving Labour Shortage
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Stumped 

Feature News Large Market

  • Global BC – Inadmissible: How A U.S. Policy Is Wreaking Havoc On The Lives Of Iranian-Canadians       
  • CBC Toronto – 36 years to Justice         
  • CBC Edmonton – Disputed Land

News – Live Special Events

  • CityNews Halifax – citynews.halifax.ca: Fiona
  • CBC British Columbia – B.C. Votes 2022
  • CBC Quebec – Quebec Election Campaign 2022
  • CBC Manitoba – Manitoba Municipal Election     


  • CBC Vancouver – Parental Guidance: It’s Never Been Easier for Your Kids to See Pornography – So What Should You Do?
  • CBC Saskatchewan – The Prairies Got Something to Say: Black on the Prairies: Place Edition
  • CBC Thunder Bay – Why I Am Reclaiming My Mother’s Language Before it’s Too Late

Overall Excellence in Digital

  • The Green Line – Living with COVID in Toronto  CTV News Atlantic – Highlights of 2022
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Black on the Prairies: Place Edition           
  • CBC British Columbia – cbc.ca/bc


Continuing Coverage

  • Global BC – Chinatown: A Path Forward
  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital
  • CBC Calgary – A Community-Driven Deep Dive on Transit Safety in Calgary
  • CBC New Brunswick – ER Crisis: Sexual Assault Victim Turned Away

Enterprise Journalism

  • CTV News Calgary – Broken System: EMS Crisis In Alberta
  • Concordia University/CTV News Montreal – Arctic Shift to Clean Energy  
  • Global BC – A Child, Failed In Life and In Death: The Tragic Case of Noelle O’Soup.        
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Poisoning the Well: Toxic Towns

Excellence in Innovation Sponsored by Dejero

  • CBC British Columbia – B.C. Votes 2022
  • CBC Calgary – Battle of the Burbs: The Search for Calgary’s Best Suburb
  • CBC Ottawa – The Things I Wish I Said 

Investigative Excellence

  • CBC Yukon – Hidden Valley School Abuse
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Who Let the Wolves In?
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Mary Ellen Turpel Lafond             
  • CBC Montreal – Students Left in Lurch by Private Colleges


Audio-Visual Storytelling Small/Medium Market

  • Global News – Mawita’jik Competition Pow Wow
  • CBC Thunder Bay/Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School – First Nations Students in Thunder Bay Nab Ryan Reynolds Interview  
  • CTV News Vancouver Island – 55 Dogs: Apr-22
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Race Car Driver in Sask. Carving Out Place for Women in the Sport           

Audio-Visual Storytelling Large Market

  • CBC Calgary – First Nations Horse Relay: The Original ‘extreme’ Sport
  • CBC Montreal – Ambulance Ride-Along

Breaking News Small/Medium Market

  • CTV News Kitchener – Southwestern Ontario Landmark on Fire: Century of History at Old Marina Restaurant Destroyed 
  • CTV News Vancouver Island – Saanich Shootout: Jun-22
  • CTV News Atlantic – Breaking News: Fiona
  • CTV News Regina – Stabbing Suspect Arrested 

Breaking News Large Market

  • Global Edmonton – Northeast Random Stabbings           
  • CTV News Vancouver – Snowstorm Hits Metro Vancouver          
  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital : Ottawa Police Clash with Protesters

Excellence in Editing Small/Medium Market

  • CTV News Windsor – Instagram Scam: Victim Speaks Out to Break the Cycle
  • Global Regina – Moose Jaw Heat Wave 
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – From Then to Now, Fiona’s Historic Hammering of Prince Edward Island      
  • CBC Prince Rupert – Container Terminal Crunch Worries North Coast Fishers     

Excellence in Editing Large Market

  • Global BC – San Francisco Chinatown Tour
  • CBC Manitoba – Maples Collegiate Honours Grads
  • CBC Toronto – Can Little Jamaica Survive Construction?

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC Saskatchewan – All-Black Baseball Teams Used to Play for Small Prairie Towns; One is Finally Getting Recognized 
  • NTV News – On the Mark: Changing History
  • CBC Kelowna – Fans Push for Larry Kwong’s Induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame      
  • CBC Montreal – Montreal Alliance

Excellence in Video

  • CBC Vancouver – Planet Wonder: Trees
  • CBC New Brunswick – George’s Last Flight        
  • CBC Thunder Bay – A First Nation’s Transformational Fight for Clean Water        
  • CBC Edmonton – Our Changing Planet  

Feature News Small/Medium Market

  • CBC Yukon – Percy Henry: The Last Speaker
  • Global News – Finding Joy in Tiny Tires
  • CTV News Regina – Mariachi Performance on the Prairies          
  • CTV News Northern Ontario – Ornge Air Ambulance: A Day In The Life

Feature News Large Market

  • CBC Manitoba – Youth from Norway House Cree Nation Learn to Live Off the Land         
  • CityNews Toronto – Community Hub      
  • CBC Vancouver – Looking at the Legacy of Joe Fortes, a Pioneering Figure in B.C.’s Black Community

News – Live Special Events

  • CTV News Atlantic – 30 Years Later: The Westray Mine Disaster
  • CBC Manitoba – Manitoba Municipal Election Show
  • CBC Toronto – Ontario Votes 2022        
  • CBC Vancouver – Kimberley, BC wins CBC’s Best Small Town Bracket


  • CTV News Atlantic – Murphy’s Logic: Facts Over Feelings at the Mass Casualty Inquiry
  • CBC Vancouver – Metro Matters on the 2022 Election    
  • CBC Manitoba – The Cowboy and the Checker Player    
  • CBC Ottawa – Painting a Different Picture of Women in Kabul     

TV Newscast Small/Medium

  • CBC North – Reconciliation Day Newscast         
  • CBC News Windsor – Ambassador Bridge Blockade – Newscast of Feb. 8, 2022  
  • CTV News Vancouver Island – CTV News at 6: Saanich Shootout
  • CTV News Atlantic – The Powerful Wrath of Fiona

TV Newscast Large Market

  • Global BC – Global BC News Hour: 20-Dec-22
  • CTV News Calgary – CTV News at 6: 09-Feb-22
  • CTV News Ottawa – Derecho: Once in a Century Storm Slams into Ottawa


  • CTV News Atlantic – It’s All in The Eyes: Author Inspires With Words & Determination
  • Global BC – Victoria Pickleball Protest   
  • CBC Edmonton – Small Town School’s Sustainability Project has a Large Impact 
  • CTV News Toronto – Day in the Life of Ornge    

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