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RTDNA Canada is a progressive organization offering a forum for open discussion, educational information and action in the news industry. The Association speaks for the leaders and members of Canada’s radio, television and digital news operations on the issues that impact news coverage and journalists. RTDNA Canada fosters education, career development, national and regional awards recognition, and an active dialogue with the membership.

RTDNA Canada is the voice of broadcast and digital journalists as well as news managers and leaders in Canada. The members of RTDNA Canada recognize the responsibility of broadcast journalists to promote and to protect the freedom to report independently about matters of public interest and to present a wide range of expressions, opinions and ideas. The RTDNA Canada Code of Ethics, adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.

Message from The President

If you are reading this, it means you care about journalism. 

RTDNA Canada has been committed to journalism for 60 years. It started as an association of news directors representing broadcast media. Today it has become a voice of electronic and digital journalists from coast to coast to coast. 

Members take their responsibilities seriously. They adhere to the RTDNA Canada Code of Ethics which has become the industry standard. It has been adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.  

RTDNA Canada is working with other journalism organizations to protect the safety of journalists at a time when harassment and violence directed at journalists is on the rise. It has also organized seminars on the mental health of journalists and with the approval of all the major news organization in Canada, continues to lend its support in these difficult times. 

Code of Journalistic Ethics

An informed public is vital to a democratic society. Canadian journalism’s purpose is to serve the public interest. It is our responsibility to act independently, to be fair and respectful, and to report the facts.

This Code of Ethics is based on more than a century of journalistic experience and represents our membership’s guiding principles. We welcome its adoption by all practicing journalists.

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Our Team

Executive Committee

Lis Travers

President, RTDNA Canada // Media Consultant & Writer

Corey Bellamy

VP – Social and Digital, RTDNA Canada // Head of Digital News Product, CTV News, CP24 & BNN Bloomberg

Joanne MacDonald

Business Manager, RTDNA Canada // Co-Founder, Short Street Media

Fiona Conway

Immediate Past President and International Representative, RTDNA Canada // Principal, Initial F

John McKenna

VP – Membership and Bylaws, RTDNA Canada // National Managing Editor, Global News

Joanne McPherson

VP - Sponsorship, RTDNA Canada // Managing Editor: CBC News Program Content and Strategies
RTDNA Directors

Owen Leitch

Conference Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Executive Producer, Video, Narcity Media

Beatrice Politi

Conference Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // VP, Earned Media, H+K Strategies // Professor, Seneca College

Jonathan Whitten

Conference Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // News Director, City News Toronto

Espe Currie

Awards Committee Co-chair, RTDNA Canada // Supervising Producer, CityNews Vancouver

Janice Neil

Awards Committee Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Michael Goldberg

Awards Committee Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Executive Producer, Global News OTT

Mary Nersessian

Chair, Awards Committee // Executive Producer, Audience Growth & Development, CTV News

Sarah Mills

Awards Committee Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Provincial News Director, 980 CJME/650 CKOM

Colleen Schmidt

Awards Committee Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Product Manager, Digital News Local, CTV News

Dan Appleby

East Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // News Director, CTV Atlantic

Rhonda Brown

East Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // News Director/Station Manager, Global News Halifax/NB

Tina Cortese

Central Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Station Manager/News Director, 105.9 fm // Journalism Professor

Ramneek Gill

Central Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // General Manager, CTV News Toronto/CP24

Donna Carreiro

Prairies Region Co-chair, RTDNA Canada // Producer, CBC Radio Manitoba

Sherri Clark

Prairies Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Managing Editor, Global Calgary

Bhupinder Hundal

West Region Co-chair // News Director/Station Manager, Corus Entertainment, BC

Jumy Ogunsola

West Region Co-Chair, RTDNA Canada // Journalist, Producer, CTV Vancouver

Trevor Koroll

Content Producer - Webinars, RTDNA Canada
RTDNF Canada President and Trustees

Bill Amos

RTDNF President

Trina Roache

Rogers Chair in Journalism, University of King’s College

Lynne Robson

Former CBC National Reporter

Jillian Smith

Global News, Managing Editor, Online, MB & SK, Global Saskatoon