Espe Currie

Espe Currie is the executive producer at Global News Calgary. She’s worked across the country and across networks, with stints in Toronto and Vancouver at CityNews and CTV. 

Espe has worked in all areas of the newsroom, from the assignment desk to radio to web to consumer affairs. In her work as an associate producer at CityNews in Toronto, she managed viewer tips for the station, liaising with the public and building strong relationships with viewers. It established her deep commitment to viewer engagement and service to the audience, which has continued throughout her career.

That led to a Canadian Screen Award win for Best Live News Special in 2019 for her work on CityNews’ Ontario debate, in which characters from previous news stories asked candidates questions directly. 

Espe is passionate about local news and serving the Calgary community with her work. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and of Humber College.