Judging Procedures and Criteria

The selection of judges for the RTDNA Canada 2021 Awards is now closed. Please check back in early 2022 if you are interested in judging for the 2022 awards season.

Thank you for volunteering to be a judge for the 2021 RTDNA Canada Awards. These are awards to be presented in 2021 for journalism published in 2020.

Members of RTDNA Canada appreciate the valuable contribution you are making to improve broadcast and digital journalism by accepting the position of judging these prestigious Awards.

This guide is designed to assist you at the Regional, National and Best Canadian Local News judging levels. It will help answer some of the questions that may arise while you are engaged in the judging process.

Good luck and good judging!

If you have come across this page and would like to VOLUNTEER TO BE A JUDGE, thank you! Please email us at awards@rtdnacanada.com

Karen Mitchell
Joe Olafson
Awards Co-chairs, RTDNA Canada

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