Outstanding Recognition Awards

Bill Hutton Award

Distinguished Service Award

President's Award

Formerly known as the “Friend of RTDNA Canada Award” the award was renamed in 2009 to honour the late Bill Hutton, RTDNA Canada’s first president. The award is given to individuals or organizations who have shown a true commitment to RTDNA and the betterment of journalism in Canada.

The RTDNA Canada Distinguished Service Award honours a member who has played a major role in the continuing success of RTDNA Canada. The award is presented in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contribution and exemplary distinguished service rendered for the benefit and advancement of electronic and digital journalism in Canada.

The RTDNA Canada President’s Award is presented annually to honour individuals, stations, companies, or groups. The recipient can come from within or outside the ranks of field. The President’s Award is the highest honour bestowed by the association to acknowledge individuals and organizations who have brought recognition and distinction to electronic and digital journalism in Canada.

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