RTDNF Canada 2022 Scholarship Program Opens

Teachers tell your students. Students tell your classmates.  

The RTDNF Canada Scholarship program is now accepting applications for more than $17,000 in scholarships including two new awards. 

All applications must have been produced for a school assignment in 2021-2022 for a journalism or communications program at a Canadian college or university. 

There is no fee to apply

RTDNF Canada Scholarships  
$2000 RTDNF Canada Scholarship 
$2000 JJ Richards Scholarship 
$2000 CBC/Barbara Frum Scholarship for Interviewing 
$2000 BNN/Jim O’Connell Scholarship 
$2000 Broadcasters of Atlantic Canada Scholarship 
$2000 Narcity Digital Journalism Scholarship 
$2000 Global News Diversity Scholarship 
$1000 Pritam Singh Benning Scholarship 
$2500 RTDNA Canada George Clark Scholarship 

For full scholarship details and qualifications click here. 
To apply for a scholarship, click here.  

Deadline: Saturday, April 30, 2022. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rtdnacanada.com.
We look forward to receiving your applications! 

RTDNF Canada Trustees 
Lis Travers, President
Brian Daly, Vice President 
Trina Roache
Lynne Robson 
Jillian Smith