RTDNA Canada Message from the President

As we begin this New Year, I want to congratulate our members for the remarkable work they’ve done in the last year. While many of you are still working from home in this “new normal”, we’ve seen some incredible innovation in our technology and our ability to pivot quickly to deliver critical news and information to our audiences.

In recognition of 2020, certainly a year to remember, we wanted to remind you we are now in our awards season. I encourage you all to take the time to review the work you’ve done in the last year and submit for a chance to win one of our many RTDNA Canada awards. It’s really gratifying to have your work recognized by your peers, especially given the challenges of the last year.

We’ve extended our early bird deadline to give you some extra time to prepare your award worthy submissions.

Our conference planning is now in full gear targeting a late-spring launch.  While we will be going virtual this year, you can expect the same high level of thought-provoking panels and speakers. The sessions will assist you in further developing your skills, discuss current issues facing our industry and create a unique networking experience.  Jonathan Whitten, Beatrice Politi and Owen Leitch are the chairs of the conference and if you have ideas for panels please let them know.  As always, thank you to our important network sponsors for continuing to support the RTDNA.

Finally, a message to our audiences. It is becoming more perilous for reporters, producers and crews to do their jobs.  While we are living in very challenging times, with heightened tensions brought on by the pandemic, there is no excuse for the recent attacks on news crews. This reprehensible behaviour comes from small but active vocal groups. When Journalists are being obstructed from reporting factual information, how will our communities continue to make informed decisions that affect their daily lives?

Today, the RTDNA is calling on our community and political leaders to speak out and defend the safety of journalists and the critical public service they provide.  Please stand up to support the important role of journalism and condemn violence against journalists.

Thanks and our best to you in the year to come.

Fiona Conway, President RTDNA Canada