RTDNA Canada congratulates Donna Allen as a recipient for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the East Region

Halifax, NS – (May 18, 2021) RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize Donna Allen who has distinguished herself through outstanding service and continued excellence during the course of her career in journalism and news broadcasting.

RTDNA President Fiona Conway said, “Congratulations Donna! You are integral to your team as a leader and mentor.  Never afraid to dive into any challenge presented!”

Donna began her career at CBC as a traffic reporter in Halifax, before moving to P.E.I. in 1985 and working as a radio writer-broadcaster. She was soon promoted to producer of the afternoon show, Mainstreet, then producer of the morning show, Island Morning, and for the past decade she has served as executive producer of News and Current Affairs for CBC PEI. She’ll be retiring at the end of May.

Donna Allen is one of those rare leaders and champions of journalism who is equally highly regarded by those she works with and those in the community. She is committed to quality journalism, serving the community, and supporting her colleagues.  She has made sure the stories we share are based in strong journalism, well-researched, fair, and balanced.

Donna has trained an endless number of new reporters and wished them well as they headed out to bigger venues. She has instilled in staff the need to get it right over the need to be first, often urging reporters to do more research or reach out for another point of view. Her scrutiny and input make every story better.

Donna has been at the helm coordinating coverage of a province-wide school shutdown due to a bomb threat, several fishing boat tragedies, tropical storms, and murders of several young children. She has been on call, day/night/weekends to guide coverage. She takes time to respond to questions and concerns from the audience, listening and letting them express their thoughts.

This comment from our regional managing editor Nancy Waugh sums it up: “From the first moments of Island Morning through to the last frame of Compass and thousands of words published on cbc.ca/pei each day, Donna leads a team that strives for the highest quality story-telling.”

Donna is also one of those rare people who walks the line between supervisor and friend.  Always aware of the challenges, personal struggles, and tragedies in the lives of staff.  She is always there to offer support and to celebrate achievements, big and small, making every individual feel special and recognized.

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