RTDNA Canada Announces the 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

Toronto, ON (October 5 2023) RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize Sandie Rinaldo by inducting her into the 2023 Hall of Fame for her outstanding service and continued excellence in her journalism career.
RTDNA Canada created a Hall of Fame to recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of audio, digital, and video journalism. Inductees will include the giants of our industry, the leaders who shape the future, the innovators who enhanced news gathering, and the people who maintain the highest standards of our craft.

RTDNA President,Lis Travers said “It is my honour to see Sandie Rinaldo inducted into the RTDNA Canada Hall ofFame. She has been an inspiration to young journalists for 50 years, asking the tough questions, earning trust, and paving the way for women in the news business.”

About RTDNA Canada

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The RTDNA Code of Journalistic Ethics, adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.

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