RTDNA Canada Announces the 2022 Finalists for Best Canadian Local News Awards

Toronto, ON (May 26, 2022) – RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the finalists of the 2022 Best Canadian Local News Awards.

RTDNA Canada honours the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and newsgathering organizations in audio, digital and video. There is only one way to become a Best Canadian Local News award finalist and that is to win a Regional award. That makes them the best of the best.

Congratulations to the finalists for their exceptional work!

Best Canadian Local News Award winners will be announced at the awards gala June 11, 2022.

2022 RTDNA Award – Best Canadian Local News Finalists


Best Podcast  

  • Global News Halifax – 13 Hours: Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre  
  • CBC Quebec – Telling Our Twisted Histories: Episode 2: School 
  • CBC British Columbia – Beaches and Mountains  
  • Global Calgary -Crime Beat, Violated Care: Patients of a Disgraced Doctor Speak Out 

Breaking News (Large Market)  

  • CityNews 680 – Lamport Stadium Clash  
  • 680 CJOB – COVID-19 School Restrictions: Breaking News on Mother’s Day 
  • CBC British Columbia – Lytton Fire Live  

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • 980 CJME – Cold, Dark and Derailed 
  • VOCM News – Hurricane Larry makes landfall in Newfoundland Live Coverage with Greg Smith 
  • CBC Kelowna – July 21st Fire Coverage  

Excellence in Editing (Large Market) 

  • CBC British Columbia – Off Stage, Lheidli T’enneh Elder, Marcel Gagnon  
  • CBC Calgary – Word Nerd: The Calgary Eyeopener 
  • CBC Daybreak – Montreal Taxi Driver Retires After Six Decades on the Road  

Excellence in Sound  

  • CBC Thunder Bay – Out on the Land for a Spring Goose Hunt 
  • CBC British Columbia – Kam Wai Dim Sum  
  • CBC Manitoba – Type Taboo: One Step at a Time 
  • Labrador Morning – Labrador Boy Returns From Cancer Treatments to a Surprise Parade and Cheering Friends 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • CBC Smaller Ontario Markets – Behind the Rings: Questions You Always Wanted Answered about the Olympics 
  • CBC British Columbia – The Rise of Princess Delta Dawn 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Diversity on Ice 

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • CJOB – Dream Catchers: Taking Back “INAC”  
  • Global BC – Anniversary of Protests in Support of Indian Farmers  
  • CBC Toronto – Journey from Darkness to Light 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • 980 CJME – “They Didn’t Eradicate the Indian Out of Us.” Touring a Painful Past 
  • CBC Sudbury – The COVID Family: Erik White 
  • CBC NL – Dear Spy 
  • CBC Kamloops – Merritt Kids Play Centre 

News – Live Special Events  

  • CBC Nova Scotia & New Brunswick – Climate Crossroads  
  • CBC London – Learning from London: What Will You Do to End Islamophobia? 
  • CBC British Columbia – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Radio Special  
  • CBC North, NWT – Tent City Broadcast: Loren McGinnis, The Trailbreaker  


  • CBC London – NIPD: What We Learned when Frances Elizabeth Moore Hosted London Morning 
  • CBC British Columbia – Pieces: Season 2 
  • CBC Edmonton – ‘Don’t Ever Get Tired of It’ 

Radio Newscast (Large Market) 

  • CBC Manitoba – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation  
  • CBC Toronto – Radio News  
  • CBC Vancouver – Record Rainfall and Flooding: 16-Nov-21 

Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market) 

  • News 95.7 – The Morning News August 18, 2021: The PC Upset 
  • CBC North, NWT – Flooding and a COVID-19 Outbreak  
  • C-FAX 1070 – Victoria Today  


Breaking News (Large Market) 

  • CBC Ottawa – Eastway Tank Safety Concerns 
  • CBC Calgary – Biden to Cancel Keystone XL on 1st Day in Office 
  • CBC British Columbia – Flooding in British Columbia 

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Hamilton – A Violent Kidnapping, and the Reaction of the Local Pakistani Community 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Meadow Lake Tragedy 
  • CBC Yukon – Faro Shootings 

Excellence in Data Storytelling  

  • CTV Winnipeg – Care Home Outbreaks  
  • CBC Montreal – How Sports and Recreation Facilities are Unequally Spread Across Montreal: Benjamin Shingler, Leah Hendry, Roberto Rocha 
  • CBC NB – Atlantic Investigative Unit: ATV and Snowmobile Fatalities  
  • CBC British Columbia – We Looked at the Origins of Every Public-School Name in B.C. Here’s What We Found  

Excellence in Social  

  • CBC Montreal – Out of the Dark 
  • CBC Manitoba – International Women’s Day: Dear Younger Self 
  • CBC British Columbia – How to Spot COVID-19 Misinformation 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • CBC Ottawa – Cool with Cold: Knucklebone & Kneel Jump 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Race to Touchdown 
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – A Soccer Ball, a Historic Moment, and Canada’s World Cup Dream 

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • Global BC – What a Papal Apology Could Mean for Residential School Survivors 
  • CBC Montreal – Troubled Harvest 
  • CBC Calgary – What it’s Like to Die from COVID-19 and How it Feels for Those Left Behind 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Sudbury – The Body Binders: Sam Juric 
  • CBC Victoria – Revitalizing Vancouver Island’s Indigenous languages 
  • CBC New Brunswick – Laura’s Gift 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Crossing Boundaries 

Graphics (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Muskeg Under Threat 

News – Live Special Events  

  • CBC Toronto – Judge Finds Toronto Van Attack Killer Guilty of Murder 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – COVID-19 Kids Q&A 


  • CBC News Toronto – I’m Chinese Romanian. It took Moving to Toronto to Meet Someone Like Me 
  • CBC NL – Apocalypse Then: Think Wearing Masks in Everyday Life is a New Concept? Think Again 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Sitting Stand 

Overall Excellence in Digital  

  • CBC Quebec – CBC Quebec 
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – CBC.ca Prince Edward Island 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Black on the Prairies 
  • CBC British Columbia – CBC.ca/bc 


Continuing Coverage 

  • CFJC – Residential School Announcement 
  • CBC Thunder Bay – Confronting the Opioid Crisis in Northern Ontario 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – ‘Where is their soul?’ Inside the Failed Catholic Church Residential Schools Repayment 
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Thin Ice: Climate Change in Labrador and the Indigenous-Led Responses to It 

Enterprise Journalism 

  • CBC Montreal – Saving Chinatown 
  • CBC New Brunswick – Leaving Doone 
  • CBC British Columbia – Fairy Creek: The View from the Ridge Camp 
  • CBC Calgary – Inside Two Meat Plants 

Excellence in Innovation, Sponsored by Dejero 

  • CTV Calgary – Live COVID-19 TEST 
  • CHCH TV (Channel Zero) – TV Station In Hotel: CHCH 6pm Newscast May 30th, 2021 
  • CBC British Columbia – Our Shot: Vaccinating B.C.  
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Thin Ice: As Labrador Inuit Try to Keep Pace with Climate Change, Adaptation Takes a Toll 

Investigative Excellence 

  • CTV News Toronto – Taxi Scam 
  • CBC Yukon – COVID Vaccine Queue Jumpers 
  • CBC Manitoba – Deaths in Custody 
  • CBC Nova Scotia – Revered, Feared 


Audio-Visual Storytelling (Large Market) 

  • CBC Ottawa – ‘I May Look Different’: Living with Treacher Collins Syndrome 
  • CBC Manitoba – Table for Two: Squirrels Dine in Style in Winnipeg 
  • CBC British Columbia – The Emotional Toll of Fighting for Justice 

Audio-Visual Storytelling (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CTV Regina – Princess Bella’s Castle 
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – How a Tax Refund Cheque Got Stuck in a Subway Sign 

Breaking News (Large Market) 

  • CTV News Toronto – Barrie Tornado: July 15th, 2021 
  • CTV Vancouver, BC – Devastated by Catastrophic Floods 
  • Global Calgary – Death in the Line of Duty 

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)  

  • CHCH TV (Channel Zero) – Homeless Arrests: Nicole Martin 
  • CTV Atlantic – Shelter Protest: Forced Eviction Prompts Chaos 
  • CTV Vancouver Island – Bridge Protest  
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Meadow Lake Tragedy  

Excellence in Editing (Large Market) 

  • CTV Vancouver – Tribute to Those We’ve Lost 
  • CBC Ottawa – Beading to Remember 
  • CBC Manitoba – Friend, Cousin Reflect on Life, Death, and Legacy of Helen Betty Osborne 

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Tesher 
  • CTV Vancouver Island – Finding a Fan 
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – Alisha Knockwood’s Story: Motherhood and My Abegweit Identity 

Excellence in Sound 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Throat Boxing 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • Global Edmonton – All World Drive 
  • CTV Atlantic – No Limits: Deaf Referee Tackles Barriers to Reach His Goals 
  • CTV Vancouver Island – Deaf Pitcher  
  • CTV Ottawa – Her Reasons to Fight 

Excellence in Video 

  • Global BC – Indigenous Wildfire Crew 
  • CBC Toronto – ‘Heartaches, pain and survival’: Indigenous Artist Uses Paint to Heal from Residential School Trauma 
  • CBC New Brunswick – We Were Here: Clyde Wray 
  • CBC Manitoba – Farmers Forced to Make Heartbreaking Choices

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • CTV Montreal – Access Inside an ICU: ICU Challenges 
  • CBC British Columbia – Inside Royal Columbian’s ICU 
  • CBC Edmonton – Alberta’s Strongest Couple 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Windsor – Bitcoin Scam  
  • Global News – DNA Reunites Sisters: Shelley Steeves 
  • CBC North, N.W.T. – Behchoko Elder Faces Housing Crisis 
  • CTV Vancouver Island – Gib’s Trucks 

Graphics (Large Market) 

  • CBC Montreal – How Canada’s Vaccines Make It from the Factory to Your Arm 
  • CBC Manitoba – International Women’s Day: Dear Younger Self – Sana Mahboob 
  • CBC British Columbia – How to Make Your Home Flood Resilient 

Graphics (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Spoon Theory 

News – Live Special Events  

  • Global Edmonton – Decision Edmonton 2021 
  • CTV Montreal – Quebec Municipal Elections 
  • CBC Nova Scotia – Stronger Together 
  • CBC Yukon – 2021 Yukon Election 


  • CTV Atlantic – Responsibility & Freedom 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Canada Day  
  • CBC Montreal – The Wounds of Bill 21  

TV Newscast (Large Market) 

  • CTV News Toronto – CTV News Toronto at Six: June 8th, 2021 
  • CTV Vancouver – CTV News at 6: BC’s Flooding Catastrophe 
  • CBC Manitoba – CBC Winnipeg 6:00 News – Sept. 30  

TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market)  

  • CTV London – Terror in London  
  • CBC Saskatchewan – CBC Saskatchewan News at Six  
  • CTV Vancouver Island – CTV News at Six  
  • Global News Halifax – First Anniversary of NS Mass Shooting: 18-Apr-21 

Winners of the Best Canadian Local News Awards will be announced at RTDNA Canada’s Awards Gala in Toronto on Saturday, June 11, 2022. 

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