RTDNA Canada announces Praveen Gupta as the 2022 recipient of the Bill Hutton Award of Excellence

Toronto, ON (June 6, 2021) – RTDNA Canada is proud to honour Praveen Gupta with RTDNA Canada’s 2022 Bill Hutton Award of Excellence. Formerly known as the “Friend of RTDNA Canada Award” the award was renamed in 2009 to honour the late Bill Hutton, RTDNA Canada’s first president. The award is given to individuals or organizations who have shown a true commitment to RTDNA and the betterment of journalism in Canada. 

RTDNA Canada President, Fiona Conway said, “Praveen Gupta has been an ardent supporter of RTDNA and Canadian Media Production for more than five years starting when he managed the Canadian Broadcast Market for Dejero.com. Dejero and other battery powered cellular/satellite blending solutions have been an absolute game changer to live news and sports production for years. Praveen has been and continues to be a trailblazer in his field. Praveen is excited to continue to support in person RTDNA Canada events, and live streams with easylive.io. RTDNA Canada wants to thank Praveen, Dejero LiveU, and now F2 Technologies, for his un-wavering and continued support for RTDNA. Congratulations Praveen on this richly deserved recognition from RTDNA Canada!”

Praveen has been a hands-on supporter of RTDNA events for years, working with organizers and students to make live streams happen. Praveen is excited to continue to support in-person RTDNA event live streams with easylive.io.  

Praveen has high regard for the broadcast engineers and operations teams that work behind the scenes of live news and sports. He has trained many journalists low latency live hits on their own using low powered cellular/satellite solutions coast to coast, from Tofino to Gander. 

His latest project letsgogaming.ca in collaboration with F2 Technologies www.f2tech.ca is an esports company dedicated to creating a Canadian House League of eSports (video game competition) held to the same standards as other forms of minor sports throughout Canada. Using cloud based remote production, Let’s Go Gaming strives to create a network of original eSports content for kids aged 8 -18 as a new form of live sports broadcasting. 

Praveen is currently a Partner Success Manager with F2 Technologies. He holds various degrees and diplomas from Carleton University, University of Bradford (UK) and MIT (USA). Praveen is also a big supporter of the savesoil.org global initiatives. 

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