RTDNA Canada Announces National Award Finalists

Toronto, ON (April 29, 2021) – RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism for the National RTDNA Canada Awards of Excellence.

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, stations, and news gathering organizations in video, audio and digital.

National Award winners will be announced, virtually, June 3, 2021.

Congratulations to the finalists for their exceptional work!

2021 RTDNA Awards – National Finalists:


Breaking News

  • CBC News – CBC News: The National & CBC News Network: Downing of Flight 752
  • CTV News Channel  – Nova Scotia Shooting Rampage
  • CTV News Channel – Donald Trump COVID-19 Positive

Continuing Coverage

  • CBC – CBC News Marketplace: Are Nursing Homes Above the Law? Exposing Repeat Offenders
  • CTV NEWS – COVID ICU         
  • CBC News – CBC News: The National: COVID-19 Pandemic


  • CBC – CBC News: The Fifth Estate: Bitter Harvest
  • CBC – CBC News Marketplace: Inside the Anti-Vaccination Movement: Why More People are Falling for their Dangerous Message
  • CTV News – The Naurvik Project: Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Excellence in Innovation Sponsored by Dejero

  • CTV W5 – Inside Wuhan: Life at Ground Zero of the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • CBC News – The National: N.L. Blizzard
  • CBC KIDS – Minecraft Project

Excellence in Sound

  • Global Television – Seven O’Clock Salute

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • TSN – TSN – Where Can We Be Black?

Excellence in Video

  • CTV News – Prisoner in Paradise
  • CBC News – CBC News: The National: Inside the Fight Against COVID
  • CBC – CBC NEWS: The Fifth Estate: Thirteen Deadly Hours

Feature News

  • CTV News – The Host
  • CTV News – Unmasking the Art of Recovery
  • CTV NEWS – Zee’s Place


  • CBC – CBC News Marketplace: To Catch a Scammer
  • CBC – CBC News: The Fifth Estate: Thirteen Deadly Hours
  • CTV News – The Tarnished Badge        

News – Live Special Events

  • CBC News – CBC News: The National – George Floyd Protests  
  • CTV News Channel – Realities of Racism
  • CTV NEWS – The American Election 2020

News Information Program

  • CTV News – Prisoner in Paradise
  • CTV News – Covid-19: Life + Death       
  • Global Television – The New Reality: 03-May-20


  • CBC News – CBC News: The National – Difficult Conversations After George Floyd’s Death
  • CTV News – Weathering the Storm: Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Global Television – Salute to the Pandemic’s Unsung Heroes                  

Sports – Live Special Events

  • TSN – 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship
  • CHEK – Canada 200: Western Speedway

TV Newscast

  • CTV NEWS – CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme: Journey to Auschwitz
  • CBC News – CBC News: The National: Flight 752: A Canadian Tragedy
  • Global Television – Global National with Dawna Friesen: June 5th 2020 – Black Lives Matter


Best Podcast

  • CBC Podcasts – This is Not a Drake Podcast
  • CBC Podcasts – Recall: How to Start a Revolution          
  • CBC News – Front Burner – Tragedy in Iran: Canadians Mourn Enormous Loss of Life in Jet Crash     
  • Global News – Crime Beat: The Girl Who Became a Warrior

Continuing Coverage

  • CBC Radio – CBC Radio: The Current: Confronting Racism
  • CBC Radio – CBC Radio: The Current: Canada’s COVID Crisis


  • CBC Radio: Now or Never – Strength in the Circle
  • CBC News – CBC News: Front Burner – Family Stories Lead to Revelation: 31 Deaths Inside Care Home        

Excellence in Sound

  • CBC Radio Ideas – CBC Radio: Ideas – The Rhythm Section      
  • CBC News – CBC News: World Report
  • CBC  The World at Six – Dene Immersion

Feature News

  • CBC The World at Six – Uganda Gorillas
  • CBC News – CBC News: Front Burner: A Son’s Extraordinary Mission to Care for his Mother
  • NEWSTALK1010 – At Home with Gordon Lightfoot         


  • CBC The World at Six – GG Investigation

News Information Program

  • CBC Radio – CBC News: The House – The North Rising 
  • CBC Radio Ideas – CBC Radio: Ideas – Incarcerated Women’s Resilience
  • CBC Radio – Unreserved – CBC Radio: Unreserved – I Went to Report on a Cree Culture Camp. It Ended Up Changing My Life    


  • CBC Radio – CBC News: The House: A Canadian Tragedy: Chandrima Chakraborty Compares Canada’s Response to the Downing of Flight 752 in Iran to the Air India Bombing

Radio Newscast

  • CBC News – CBC News: World Report
  • CBC The World at Six – COVID Crisis – The Early Days


Best News App

  • CP24 – CP24 App
  • CTV News – CTV News App
  • BNN Bloomberg – BNN Bloomberg App

Best Sports App

  • Sportsnet – Sportsnet App

Breaking News

  • Global News – Iran Plane Crash
  • Narcity Canada – An Immunocompromised 24-Year-Old Canadian Says COVID-19 Fears Aren’t Just for The Elderly

Continuing Coverage

  • CTV News – Coronavirus in Canada
  • Global News – 13 Hours: Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre
  • CBC KIDS – SAARA COVID-19 Explainers


  • CBC News – Hateful Conduct
  • CBC Podcasts  – Uncover: Dead Wrong
  • CTV News – Investigating CERB Eligibility

Excellence in Data Storytelling

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC Investigates: The Big Spend
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC News: I-Unit: COVID Data: Behind the Numbers
  • CBC News – CBC News: Deadly Force  

Excellence in Social

  • CBC News – CBC News: COVID 19 Coverage
  • CTV News – Answering Canadians’ COVID-19 questions
  • HuffPost Canada – Black Lives Matter: Instagram

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC Sports – Sidelined: How Diversity in Canada’s Sports Leadership Falls Short
  • Sportsnet –  ‘This is a Journey, It’s Not an Event’: Why True Change for Hockey Depends on Listening to Black Women
  • Sportsnet – How a Deportation Taught Elias Pettersson to Take Nothing for Granted           

Feature News

  • CBC News – CBC News: Going It Alone
  • HuffPost Quebec/HuffPost Canada – He Caught COVID-19 Working In Quebec Long-Term Care: Now He’s Awaiting Deportation.      
  • Global News – The Lessons of a Deadly Polio Disaster for Coronavirus Vaccines.


  • CBC – CBC News: The Fifth Estate: Thirteen Deadly Hours
  • Global News, Institute for Investigative Journalism and APTN News – Neskantaga’s Water Crisis
  • CBC – CBC News: I-Unit: Quarantine Exemptions Series

News – Live Special Events

  • Underknown – Live Med Aid
  • HuffPost Canada – Ask and Answer: Government Pandemic Support
  • CTV News – Conservative Leadership Race


  • HuffPost Canada – Examining gender and transphobia in 2020
  • CTV News – Don Martin’s ‘The Bottom Line’       

Overall Excellence in Digital

  • CBC KIDS – CBC Kids News service
  • CBC News – CBC News
  • CTV News – Coronavirus Coverage, U.S. Election and Conservative Leadership Race           

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