RTDNA Canada Announces 2023 Central Region Award Finalists 

Toronto, ON (May 25, 2023) RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Regional Awards of Excellence.

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and news-gathering organizations in audio, digital and video.

Regional awards winners will be announced on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

Congratulations to the finalists for their excellent work!

2023 RTDNA Awards Central Region Finalists


Best Podcast

  • CBC Thunder Bay – What You Believe in Will Carry You Through

Breaking News (Large Market)

  • Newstalk 580 CFRA – Powering Through the Storm       
  • CBC Ottawa – Convoy Live Hit: Standoff Begins
  • CBC Ottawa – Ontario Today Special: Christmas Eve Snowstorm

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Sudbury – Seasons Pharmacy
  • CBC Ontario Smaller Markets – Democracy expert in a haunted house
  • CBC Sudbury – The Sno Float

Excellence in Editing (Large Market)

  • 640 Toronto – ‘We will not forget’: Remembrance Day in Toronto
  • CBC Toronto – Drewry Secondary School choir performs at long-term care home

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC Thunder Bay – Meet the Barkmans, the First Nations Hockey Family Fuelling the Dreams of their Youngest Son

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Kitchener-Waterloo – 4-year-old child arrested at school
  • CBC Ontario Smaller Markets – They stripped a river full of a pesky invasive plants by hand
  • CBC Quebec – Prokofiev in the Charlevoix: Baie St-Paul artist explores his connection to Ukraine
  • CBC Sudbury – Healing for Lost Boys

Feature News (Large Market)

  • 640 Toronto CFIQ – A surprise bequest
  • CBC Toronto – A Daring Escape
  • CBC Montreal – Queer and Muslim: Exploring spirituality & gender identity in Montreal, Let’s Go

News – Live Special Events

  • CityNews 101.1 – The Ottawa Convoy Protest 2022
  • CBC Thunder Bay – Celebrating Mino Bimaadiziwin – The Good Life – for Indigenous Peoples Day
  • CBC Sudbury – Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities: Northern Leaders Debate Special


  • CBC Montreal – Ride-along in a wheelchair accessible van. Let’s Go
  • CBC Ottawa – Ontario Today: How Students Feel About Returning to School

Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

  • CityNews 570 – Derecho 2022
  • AM800 CKLW – Ambassador Bridge shutdown
  • CBC Kitchener-Waterloo – The 8:30 News on CBC Kitchener-Waterloo

Radio Newscast (Large Market)

  • CityNews 680 – Sept 19 7am: Queen’s Funeral
  • CBC Montreal – February 8, 2022
  • CBC Toronto – CUPE walkout


Breaking News (Large Market)

  • CP24 – Massive blizzard dumps 55 cm of snow on Toronto
  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital: Ottawa Police Clear Convoy Protest
  • CTV News Toronto – Ontario School Strike: Day One                 
  • CBC Montreal – Ukrainian girl killed in hit-and-run           

Excellence in Data Storytelling

  • CBC Ottawa – No Ballots Required
  • CTV News Montreal – Fraction of Quebec COVID Fines Paid: Quebec has issued $45M in fines during the pandemic, but only a fraction of them have been paid        
  • CBC Montreal – Quebec temporary migrant workers

Excellence in Social

  • CBC Toronto – 2022 Provincial Election
  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital: Inside the Occupation
  • CBC Quebec – Quebec election on Instagram    

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC Ottawa – ‘I’d be a completely different person’: St. Patrick’s High School Basketball
  • CBC Montreal – Montreal’s new pro basketball team

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Hamilton – Where’s Emily Bailey?
  • CBC North Cree Unit – Going home: Nemaska Cree seek apology, reconciliation after
  • CBC Sudbury – Healing Lost Boys forced relocation

Feature News (Large Market)

  • CTV News Toronto – Toronto activist dies hours after hospital discharge
  • CBC Toronto – 36 years to justice          
  • CBC Ottawa – A Killer Took Their Loved Ones   

News – Live Special Events

  • CTV News Montreal – Quebec Election 2022: CAQ Wins Second Majority Government in Quebec
  • CBC Quebec – Quebec Election Campaign 2022
  • CTV News Toronto – Ontario Election Day 2022 


  • CBC Thunder Bay – Why I am reclaiming my mother’s language before it’s too late          
  • TVO – Nam Kiwanuka: Columnist
  • CBC Toronto – My Romanian Father     

Overall Excellence in Digital

  • The Green Line – ‘Living with COVID in Toronto’
  • CBC Quebec – CBC Quebec in 2022     
  • CBC Toronto – CBC Toronto Digital       


Continuing Coverage 

  • CBC North Cree Unit – Getting out the Indigenous vote: Provincial elections in Quebec fall short
  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital
  • CBC Thunder Bay – Turmoil for Thunder Bay Police and Oversight Board

Enterprise Journalism

  • The Green Line, The Hoser, rabble.ca – ‘Weed as Work: How Labour and Capital Move in the Cannabis Industry’
  • Concordia University/CTV Montreal – Arctic Shift to Clean Energy
  • CBC North Cree Unit – Forgotten Money: CBC North Cree unit finds $600K belonging to Quebec Cree in Revenu Quebec fund

Excellence in Innovation, Sponsored by Dejero

  • CBC Ottawa – The Things I Wish I Said 

Investigative Excellence

  • CBC Toronto – Toronto 911 Wait Times 
  • CBC Montreal – Students left in lurch by private colleges
  • CBC Sudbury – Abortion in Northern Ontario


Audio-Visual Storytelling (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Thunder Bay/Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School – First Nations Students in Thunder Bay Nab Ryan Reynolds Interview  

Audio-Visual Storytelling (Large Market)

  • CBC Montreal – Ambulance ride-along
  • CTV News Montreal – Monster Man
  • CBC Toronto – Queen’s Mug     

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CTV News Kitchener – Southwestern Ontario Landmark on Fire: Century of History at Old Marina Restaurant Destroyed 
  • CTV News Windsor – Border Blockade: The First Hours of the Ambassador Bridge Shutdown

Breaking News (Large Market)

  • CTV News Ottawa – Convoy in the Capital: Ottawa Police Clash with Protesters
  • CBC Montreal – Death of Guy Lafleur    
  • CBC Toronto – GTA shooting rampage  

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market)

  • CHCH News – Fort Erie Blizzard 2022
  • CTV News Windsor – Instagram Scam: Victim Speaks Out to Break the Cycle

Excellence in Editing (Large Market)

  • CityNews Toronto – What’s your baseball walk-up song?
  • CBC Toronto – Can Little Jamaica survive construction?             
  • CBC Ottawa – So, You Wanna be a Game Dev?

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CityNews Toronto – Raptors coach Nick Nurse hits the concert stage
  • Global Peterborough – Ukrainian Boxer Fights for his Dream       
  • CBC Montreal – Montreal Alliance

Excellence in Video

  • CBC Thunder Bay – A First Nation’s Transformational Fight for Clean Water        
  • CBC Windsor – Trafficked by family: Ontario woman who survived 3 decades of abuse wants to share her story    
  • CBC Montreal – Rae Spoon wheeling interview

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CTV News Northern Ontario – Ornge Air Ambulance: A Day in The Life
  • Global Peterborough – Modern Remembrance Day        

Feature News (Large Market)

  • CityNews Toronto – Truth & Reconciliation         
  • CBC Montreal – Will road construction kill these brick-and-mortar businesses?
  • CityNews Toronto – Community Hub
  • CBC Toronto – Naaz Designs    

News – Live Special Events

  • CTV News Montreal – Hockey Legend Guy Lafleur’s Funeral
  • CBC Toronto – Ontario Votes 2022        
  • CityNews Toronto – Toronto Snow Day  


  • CityNews Toronto – Inappropriate social questions
  • CBC Ottawa – Painting a Different Picture of Women in Kabul                 
  • CBC Montreal – Why students want climate courses

TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

  • CTV News Kitchener – Shootings Shake Kitchener: Two ‘Connected’ Shootings Leave Community Questioning Safety
  • CBC Windsor – Ambassador Bridge Blockade: Newscast of Feb. 8, 2022
  • CTV News Barrie – Newscast

TV Newscast (Large Market)

  • CTV News Ottawa – Derecho: Once in a Century Storm Slams into Ottawa
  • CityNews Toronto – Newscast   
  • CBC Ottawa – CBC Ottawa News at 6: 2022 Truth & Reconciliation Special

VJ – Video

  • CTV News Toronto – Day in the Life of Ornge    
  • Global Toronto – Parking lot cricket: Cricket lovers in GTA spend late nights playing matches in commercial parking lots
  • CTV News Northern Ontario – Beaverhouse First Nation

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