RTDNA Canada Announces 2022 Prairie Region Award Finalists 

Calgary, AB (May 4, 2022) – RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Regional Awards of Excellence. 

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations and newsgathering organizations in video, audio and digital.  

Congratulations to the finalists for their excellent work!  

2022 RTDNA Award – Prairie Region Finalists 


Best Podcast  

  • Global Calgary – Crime Beat: Violated Care: Patients of a Disgraced Doctor Speak Out 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – The Pit 
  • CBC Edmonton – The Loop: A reckoning on residential schools 

Breaking News (Large Market) 

  • 680 CJOB – COVID-19 school restrictions – Breaking news on Mother’s Day 
  • CBC Manitoba – Brandon fire 

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • 650 CKOM – 650 CKOM: Snowstorm slams Saskatchewan 
  • 980 CJME – 980 CJME: Cold, Dark and Derailed 

Excellence in Editing (Large Market) 

  • CBC Calgary – Word Nerd: The Calgary Eyeopener 
  • CBC Edmonton – Production on Wheels 
  • CBC Calgary – Elder millennial: This is the year they turn 40 

Excellence in Sound  

  • CBC Manitoba – Type Taboo: One Step at a Time 
  • CBC Calgary – 99 Red Balloons 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Grandmother Stories on Tape 
  • CBC Edmonton – The Sound of Winter 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Diversity on Ice 

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • CJOB – Dream catchers: Taking back “INAC” 
  • CBC Edmonton – Alberta’s Strongest Couple 
  • CBC Calgary – Inside Tower Cleaners: The Calgary Eyeopener 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • 980 CJME – 980 CJME: ‘They didn’t eradicate the Indian out of us’. Touring a Painful Past 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Knowledge Keeper 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Prairie Harm Reduction 

News – Live Special Events  

  • CBC Manitoba – Day of Indigenous-led Programming: Information Radio, Radio Noon, Up to Speed 
  • CBC North, N.W.T. – Tent City Broadcast: Loren McGinnis, The Trailbreaker 
  • CBC Calgary – Calgary Votes Radio Special 


  • CBC Edmonton – ‘Don’t ever get tired of it’ 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Spoon Theory 
  • CBC Edmonton – A Very Pandemic Wedding 

Radio Newscast (Large Market) 

  • 680 CJOB – Best live newscast – 09.27.21 
  • CBC Manitoba – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 
  • CBC Calgary – CBC Calgary 4:30 P.M. Radio News: Friday November 5, 2021 

Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market) 

  • paNOW / CKBI – May 17, 2021 5pm News 
  • 980 CJME – 980 CJME 7 a.m. morning news: Snowstorm slams Saskatchewan 
  • CBC North, NWT – Flooding and a COVID-19 outbreak 


Breaking News (Large Market) 

  • CTV Winnipeg – Fire Fight 
  • CBC Manitoba – Manitoba premier announces departure before next election 
  • CBC Calgary – Biden to cancel Keystone XL on 1st day in office 

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CTV Regina – Cowessess First Nation: 751 unmarked graves discovered 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Meadow Lake Tragedy 

Excellence in Data Storytelling  

  • CTV Winnipeg – Care home outbreaks 
  • CBC North, NWT – Reports from the land: N.W.T. hunters and trappers describe unusually warm fall 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – COVID-19 

Excellence in Social  

  • CBC Manitoba – International Women’s Day – Dear Younger Self 
  • CBC Calgary – What’s going on with coal in Alberta? 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – CBC Sask Team // COVID-19 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • Pattison Media – HuskieFAN 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Race to Touchdown 
  • CBC Manitoba – Winnipeg girls’ volleyball coach dismissed from role after telling players he’s allowed to use racial slurs 

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • CBC Calgary – What it’s like to die from COVID-19 and how it feels for those left behind 
  • CBC Manitoba – This Manitoba community has a vaccination rate of 24% against COVID-19. Here’s why 
  • CBC Calgary – Ready or not: The time is nearing for the oilsands to release tailings water 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC North, N.W.T. – Living with Treaty 11 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Weight of a Word 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Crossing Boundaries 

Graphics (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Muskeg Under Threat 

Graphics (Large Market)  

  • CTV Winnipeg – The COVID-19 Timeline 
  • CBC Calgary – These graphics show just how deeply COVID-19 has infiltrated Alberta 

News – Live Special Events  

  • CBC Saskatchewan – COVID-19 Kids Q&A 


  • CBC Manitoba – I’m unlearning the shame that came with my diabetes diagnosis 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Sitting Stand 
  • CBC Calgary – How ‘orphaned voters’ may end up deciding the next Alberta election 

Overall Excellence in Digital 

  • CTV News Saskatoon – CTV News Saskatoon Digital News 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Black on the Prairies 
  • CBC Manitoba – CBC.ca/Manitoba 


Continuing Coverage 

  • Global Edmonton – Anti-Muslim hate 
  • CBC Calgary – Calgary wrestles with the high cost of food 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – ‘Where is their soul?’: Inside the failed Catholic Church residential schools repayment 


  • Global Calgary – Mining for the Truth 
  • CBC Calgary – Inside Two Meat Plants 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Weight of a Word 

Excellence in Innovation, Sponsored by Dejero 

  • CTV Calgary – Live COVID-19 TEST 
  • Global Calgary – Honouring Sgt. Harnett 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – COVID Long Haulers 


  • Global Saskatoon with APTN News, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina and the Institute for Investigative Journalism – Clean Water Broken Promises 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Indigenous or Pretender? 
  • CBC Manitoba – Deaths in Custody 


Audio-Visual Storytelling (Large Market) 

  • CTV Winnipeg – The Cat Carpenter 
  • CBC Manitoba – Table for two: Squirrels dine in style in Winnipeg  
  • CBC Calgary – Social messages part of BUMP festival murals: Dan McGarvey/James Young 

Audio-Visual Storytelling (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CTV Regina – Princess Bella’s Castle 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Tesher 

Breaking News (Large Market) 

  • Global Calgary – Death in the Line of Duty 
  • CTV Calgary – Dangerous Grass Fires 
  • CBC Manitoba – Head of Queen Victoria statue recovered in river 

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)  

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Meadow Lake Tragedy 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Wildfire Live 

Excellence in Editing (Large Market) 

  • Global Edmonton – Amelie’s Story: Corus Stollery Radiothon 
  • CBC Manitoba – Friend, cousin reflect on life, death and legacy of Helen Betty Osborne  
  • CBC Manitoba – Peg City Rollers  

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CHAT TV – Ghostbusters 
  • Global Regina – Grounded History 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Tesher 

Excellence in Sound  

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Throat Boxing 

Excellence in Sports Reporting  

  • Global Edmonton – All World Drive  
  • CHAT TV – Sarah Mickey: Courage to Compete 
  • CBC Manitoba – CBC Manitoba covers the 108th Grey Cup  

Excellence in Video  

  • CBC Manitoba – Farmers forced to make heartbreaking choices 
  • CBC Calgary – Violin Maker school: Monty Kruger 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Veterans Love Story 

Feature News (Large Market) 

  • Global Calgary – Indigenous Priest 
  • Global News Winnipeg – Manitoba ICU Recovery 
  • CBC Edmonton – Alberta’s Strongest Couple 

Feature News (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC North, N.W.T. – Behchoko elder faces housing crisis  
  • CBC Saskatchewan – George Reed Reflects  
  • CBC North, NWT – Spruce Bough provides safe space for Yellowknife’s most vulnerable during COVID-19 

Graphics (Large Market) 

  • CBC Manitoba – International Women’s Day – Dear Younger Self – Sana Mahboob 

Graphics (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CBC Saskatchewan – Spoon Theory 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Deadliest Opioids 

News – Live Special Events  

  • Global Edmonton – Decision Edmonton 2021 
  • CBC Manitoba – Day of Indigenous-led programming – CBC Winnipeg News 
  • CTV Calgary – Civic Election 2021 


  • CTV Saskatoon – Political Roundup: Why Saskatchewan may now be ‘heartland’ of Canadian conservatism 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – Canada Day  
  • CBC Manitoba – Marilyn Dumont offers poetic tribute to Helen Betty Osborne 

TV Newscast (Large Market) 

  • Global Edmonton – Global News at 11: Decision Edmonton 2021 
  • CTV Calgary – CTV News at 6 
  • CBC Manitoba – CBC Winnipeg 6:00 News – Sept. 30 

TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market) 

  • Global Saskatoon – Global News at 6 – Prince Albert Fire 
  • CBC North – Northbeat: National Indigenous Peoples Day 
  • CBC Saskatchewan – CBC Saskatchewan News at Six 

The Regional Award Winners will be announced May 24.

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