RTDNA Canada 2021–2022 Awards News

In a couple of months we will invite you to submit your best work for journalism published in 2021 by entering the 2021-2022 RTDNA Canada Awards. These awards will be presented in 2022.

We listened to your feedback and back by popular demand, Multiplatform has been added (along with Audio, Digital and Video) in the following awards in both Regional and National:

  • Excellence in Innovation Sponsored by Dejero
  • Enterprise Journalism
  • Investigative Excellence
  • Continuing Coverage

Here are the 2021 – 2022 awards. These include the new awards RTDNA Canada introduced in 2020-2021:

• Audio-Visual Storytelling New in 2020-2021
• Breaking News
• Continuing Coverage + Multiplatform
• Enterprise Journalism + Multiplatform
• Excellence in Data Storytelling
• Excellence in Editing New in 2020-2021
• Excellence in Innovation, Sponsored by Dejero + Multiplatform
• Excellence in Sports Reporting
• Excellence in Social
• Excellence in Sound
• Excellence in Video
• Feature News
• Graphics New in 2020-2021
• Investigative Excellence + Multiplatform
• News app
• News Information Program
• News – Live Special Events
• Opinion
• Overall Excellence in Digital
• Podcast
• Radio Newscast
• Sports app
• Sports – Live Special Events
• TV Newscast

You must be a member of RTDNA Canada to enter the awards. 
Become a Member here: https://rtdna.wildapricot.org/join-us

We will send you a Call for Submission notice at the beginning of December to let you know when the awards site is open for submissions.

Interested in volunteering to be a judge? You can register directly on RTDNA Canada’s Award site now: https://rtdnaawards.com/judges