RTDNA Canada Webinar: Journalistic Objectivity, Inclusion, and BIPOC Journalists

If you missed this week’s webinar, Journalistic Objectivity, Inclusion, and BIPOC Journalists, you can watch the video here.

The notion of journalistic objectivity underpins the traditional understanding of how to do journalism. As journalists, we are trained to think we can be impartial observers of the truth. But what truth are we reflecting? Whose truth are we reflecting? And is this notion of objectivity – this sense of impartial observation – acting as a barrier to entry for journalists of colour?

Moderator: Beatrice Politi, Network Managing Editor, Global News

Panelist: Tamika Forrester, CBC News

Panelist: Farah Nasser, Global News

Panelist: Karyn Pugliese, Ryerson University