President’s Message

If you are reading this, it means you care about journalism.  

RTDNA Canada has been committed to journalism for 60 years. It started as an association of news directors representing broadcast media. Today it has become a voice of electronic and digital journalists from coast to coast to coast. 

Members take their responsibilities seriously. They adhere to the RTDNA Canada Code of Ethics which has become the industry standard. It has been adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession.  

RTDNA Canada is working with other journalism organizations to protect the safety of journalists at a time when harassment and violence directed at journalists is on the rise. It has also organized seminars on the mental health of journalists and with the approval of all the major news organization in Canada, continues to lend its support in these difficult times. 

Each year, RTDNA Canada honours the work of journalists through regional and national awards. RTDNA Canada also hands out lifetime achievement awards to people who have contributed to our industry. 

Other commitments include: 

  • seminars and webinars to support local newsrooms 
  • a national conference featuring practical professional development and networking opportunities 
  • seminars on the latest in newsroom technology 

The media landscape has undergone major changes over the past few years and as the pandemic taught us, how and where we work has changed too. RTDNA Canada is collaborating with members to help navigate these challenges. 

I am proud to say the new RTDNA Canada Board is the most diverse in its 60-year history with a cross-section of members representing stations small and large, right across the country. Through RTDNA Canada’s foundation arm, RTDNF has awarded more scholarships than ever before, two of them specifically for journalism students from racialized communities. 

Personally, I have been a member of RTDNA Canada since 1998 and have been privileged to serve on the Board since 2004. I am tremendously proud of the work the association has done. Now it’s time to do more. Because journalism matters. 

If it matters to you, consider becoming an RTDNA Canada member. I welcome you to forward your comments and concerns to

Lis Travers 
RTDNA Canada