2024 Prairies Region Awards Finalists

RTDNA Canada Announces 2024 Prairies Region Awards Finalists


Calgary, AB (June 10, 2024) – RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Regional Awards of Excellence.


RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and news gathering organizations in audio, digital and video.


Regional awards winners will be announced on TBC.


Congratulations to the finalists for their excellent work!


2024 RTDNA Awards Prairies Region Finalists





Best Podcast

680 CJOB         Decision Manitoba: The Podcast

650 CKOM        The Shell Lake Massacre

CBC Edmonton The Loop: How do we talk about inclusive education?


Breaking News (Large Market)

CityNews 660    Black Friday Stabbing at Market Mall

CityNews 660    Mayhem On Memorial


Excellence in Editing

CBC Calgary     Greenhouse on the Grasslands

CBC Edmonton The Lindy Hop lives on

CBC Edmonton Accordion Art


Excellence in Sports Reporting

980 CJME         Stairway to Heaven: Lang’s Hockey Cathedral a Step Back in Time

680 CJOB         The Film Room

CBC Edmonton One-handed goalie stops shots with custom glove


Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

980 CJME                     We were taken away: Star Blanket’s Search for its History 

CBC Saskatchewan       Keeping Ethan Alive


Feature News (Large Market)

680 CJOB         Manitoba’s Drug Treatment Court

CBC Manitoba  You’ve heard of a dental hygienist and a dentist…but what about a dental therapist?

CBC Calgary     Housing of Last Resort


News – Live Special Events

CBC Calgary                             Yellowknife Evacuates – Alberta Responds: Alberta At Noon

CBC N.W.T. and CBC Yukon     Yellowknife evacuation live special.       

CBC Edmonton                         Alberta Burns


Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

650 CKOM        650 CKOM Morning News

980 CJME         980 CJME Morning News


Radio Newscast (Large Market)

680 CJOB         Carberry Bus Crash: Live at 5

CBC Manitoba  June 15, 5:30 p.m. Radio Newscast





Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

CBC North, N.W.T.        Wildfire burns structures south of Hay River, N.W.T., through Enterprise

CBC Saskatchewan       Humboldt Lake Heroes


Breaking News (Large Market)

CBC Edmonton             Edmonton police shootings

CBC Manitoba              15 confirmed dead after collision between bus carrying seniors and semi in southwestern Manitoba: RCMP


Excellence in Data Storytelling

CBC Saskatchewan       The sky-high price of dirt.          

CBC Calgary                 WestJet in the west, Air Canada in the east: Why Canada’s airlines are becoming more regional

CBC Calgary                 Alberta’s big budget question: What to do with the torrent of cash flooding provincial coffers


Excellence in Social

CBC Manitoba              Manitoba Election TikTok


Excellence in Sports Reporting

CBC Calgary                 Why cowboys put it all on the line to stay on a 2,000-lb bull for 8 seconds

CBC Manitoba              Steinbach’s growing Filipino diaspora created their own basketball league, then opened it to all

CBC Saskatchewan       Connor Bedard’s NHL future looms — but his focus is still on Regina


Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

CBC Saskatchewan       The Last Post

CBC North, N.W.T.        Building Back   

CTV News Saskatoon    When a minute lasts forever: Sask. mom still mourning son slain by gang


Feature News (Large Market)

CBC Calgary                 Vern vs. the miners      

CBC Manitoba              24 people, 1 home

CBC Calgary                 They don’t call em’ Texas Gates in Texas 



CBC Manitoba              The next time you present a land acknowledgement, remember Linda Mary Beardy          

CBC Saskatchewan       Retracing my grandfather’s steps          

CBC Calgary                 Alberta’s budding energy-storage industry is set to bloom. The renewables pause has cast a chill    


Overall Excellence in Digital

CBC Calgary                 Digital explorations of health, ideology, carbon taxes and glaciers

CTV News Winnipeg      CTV News Winnipeg Team

CBC Manitoba              CBC.ca/Manitoba





Continuing Coverage (Small/Medium Market)

CBC Saskatchewan       Faces of Fentanyl: Overdose Crisis

CTV News Saskatoon    Saskatoon Hospital Overcrowding         

CTV Regina                  Homeless Encampment at City Hall       


Continuing Coverage (Large Market) 

CBC Calgary                 The Way Out: Addiction in Alberta

CBC Edmonton             Alberta’s rural healthcare crisis

CBC Calgary                 Untangling Calgary’s housing crisis


Enterprise Journalism (Small/Medium Market)

CBC Saskatchewan       A Good Death

650 CKOM                    Stories from the Streets: Putting a face to Saskatoon’s homeless

CBC North, N.W.T.        Dayhome owner fights to keep licence


Enterprise Journalism (Large Market)

Global Edmonton          Journey Towards Reconciliation

CBC Edmonton             Frostbite amputations hit record high

CBC Calgary                 The canary in the icefield


Excellence in Innovation

CBC Manitoba              Mother. Sister. Daughter. An MMIWG Project

CTV Calgary                 Calgary Stampede Parade        

Global News Calgary     Million March 4 Children draws hundreds of supporters, counter-protesters in downtown Calgary       


Investigative Excellence

CBC Manitoba              Housing in ruins The state of public housing in Manitoba is crumbling, tenants and advocates say





Audio-Visual Storytelling

CBC Manitoba              Teens in northern Manitoba First Nation experience the thrill of catching their first fish

Global News Calgary     Alberta Floods: 10 Years Later

CBC Edmonton             Sneakerhead check!     


Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

CBC North, N.W.T.        Hay River evacuates as wildfire encroaches


Breaking News (Large Market)

Global Edmonton          Police Officers Killed

CTV News                    Officers Killed

CBC Manitoba              Carberry Crash


Excellence in Editing

Global Edmonton          Journey Towards Reconciliation The Pope’s Visit

CBC Manitoba              CBC’s Jim Agapito hanging out with the bowling community in St. Boniface         

CBC Calgary                 Viral figure skater inspiring diversity in his sport  


Excellence in Sports Reporting

CTV Regina                  Diversifying Disc Golf

Global Edmonton          90-year-old Track Athlete

CBC Manitoba              Winnipegger competing in 2023 Invictus Games


Excellence in Video

CBC Manitoba              Young Winnipeg woman fights to escape her family’s horrifying history with landfills    

CBC Calgary                 A Candid Conversation about Transgender Rights           

CBC Edmonton             This First Nation fights climate change with rows of trees    


Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

CBC Saskatchewan       Unlocking Family Secrets

CBC Saskatchewan       Mush!

CBC Saskatchewan       Heartstrings


Feature News (Large Market) 

CBC Edmonton             Waiting for the siren call?

CBC Calgary                 Vern vs. the miners

CBC Manitoba              How the St. Boniface Street Links outreach team is working to meet the needs of vulnerable Winnipeggers


News – Live Special Events    

CBC Alberta                  Alberta Votes 2023       

CBC North, N.W.T.        N.W.T. VOTES:             Election Night Special

CBC Manitoba              Manitoba Votes



CBC Edmonton             My journey with ADHD


TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

CTV Regina                  CTV News at Six          

CBC North, N.W.T.        Kátł’odeeche and Hay River Evacuate

CTV Saskatoon             Forest Fire Devastation  CTV Saskatoon May 17, 2023


TV Newscast (Large Market)

Global Edmonton          Global News Hour at 6   Alberta Wildfire Evacuations

CTV Calgary                 CTV Calgary News at 6 Sept. 27, 2023

CTV News Winnipeg      CTV News Winnipeg at Six       


VJ – Video

Global Winnipeg            Camp yAAC

Global News Calgary     Canadian war medals unearthed at Calgary Goodwill donation centre

CBC Edmonton             Expanding mental health services on First Nations



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