2022 Prairie Region Audio Winners

Global Calgary
Crime Beat
Violated Care: Patients of a Disgraced Doctor Speak Out

CBC Saskatchewan
Diversity on Ice

CBC Manitoba
Type Taboo
One Step at a Time

980 CJME
980 CJME
They didn't eradicate the Indian out of us. Touring a Painful Past.

680 CJOB
Covid 19 school restrictions - Breaking news on Mothers Day

CBC Edmonton
'Don't ever get tired of it'

CBC North, N.W.T.
Tent City Broadcast
Loren McGinnis, The Trailbreaker

CBC Manitoba
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

980 CJME
980 CJME
Cold, Dark and Derailed

CBC Calgary
Word Nerd
The Calgary Eyeopener

Dream catchers: Taking back "INAC"

CBC North, NWT
Flooding and a COVID-19 outbreak