RTDNA Canada Announces East Region Award Finalists

Halifax, NS – (April 27, 2021) – RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism in the East Region with the finalists for the regional awards.

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, stations and newsgathering organizations in video, audio and digital.

East Region winners will be announced at the regional virtual awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Congratulations to the finalists for their exceptional work!

2021 RTDNA Award – East Region Finalists:


Audio-Visual Storytelling (Small/Medium Market)

  • CTV Atlantic – Horse Yoga: Horseplay & Namaste

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC NL – Here & Now: Snowmageddon
  • CBC Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Mass Killing
  • Global News Halifax – Nova Scotia Shootings: 19-Apr-20

Continuing Coverage

  • CBC NL – Stopping Domestic Violence
  • CTV Atlantic – Tragedy & Trauma: Mass Murder in Nova Scotia
  • Global News Halifax/Global News New Brunswick – COVID-19: The New Reality in the Maritimes


  • CBC PEI – I Live Here Now
  • CBC NL – Wally Rich: Falling Through the Cracks of Child Protection
  • Global News Halifax – Dental Misconduct: The Suspension of Dr. Errol Gaum

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC New Brunswick – The Lost Art of the Centennial
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – Sorting That Christmas Garbage!
  • CBC Nova Scotia – Dave Irish Show of Work

Excellence in Innovation Sponsored by Dejero

  • CTV Atlantic – No Podiums: Covid on the Campaign Trail

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC North – Nunavut – Nunavut’s Heart of Hockey

Excellence in Video

  • CBC New Brunswick – The Valedictorians: New Brunswick’s Class of 2020

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Nova Scotia – Topless Breast Cancer Survivor in N.S. Inspires Women and Finds a Bosomless Buddy
  • CBC North – Nunavut – Stories in Stone: How a Hand-Built Stone Church Shaped a Community and Culture
  • NTV News – Mission Possible: Suiting up with Canada’s top SAR Unit


  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Cross-Canada Pet Scam: Jen White, Rob Antle, Darryl Murphy

News – Live Special Events

  • CBC New Brunswick – New Brunswick Votes: 2020: Election Night Preshow
  • CTV Atlantic – Historic Election: Going to the Polls During Covid
  • Global News – New Brunswick Election: 14-Sep-20


  • CTV Atlantic – We Remember: Together Yet Apart

TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC NL – The Death of John Crosbie
  • Global News – Global News Halifax: April 20, 2020
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – Compass


Best Podcast

  • Global News – 13 Hours: Inside the Nova Scotia Massacre
  • CBC North – Inuit Unikkaangit: (Inuit Stories)

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • News 95.7 – The Manhunt for The Nova Scotia Mass Shooter: 19-Apr-20

Continuing Coverage

  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Fed Up – Food Insecurity in NL
  • VOCM – Snowmageddon

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Saint John – Your Journey, Your Way: Atlantic Canada’s First Residential Hospice
  • VOCM – Linda Swain & Alan Doyle On Target

News – Live Special Events

  • News 95.7 – The Sheldon MacLeod Show: Remembering the Victims of Nova Scotia’s Mass Shooting
  • VOCM – Budget Day 2020

Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

  • VOCM – VOCM News at Noon
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – Island Morning
  • News 95.7 – All News Mornings: Back to Class Amid COVID-19


Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Nova Scotia – Vehicle Torched, Lobster Pounds Storing Mi’kmaq Catches Trashed During Night of Unrest in N.S.

Continuing Coverage

  • CBC Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Mass Killing
  • CBC New Brunswick – Organigram Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak
  • CBC Indigenous – Mi’kmaq Launch Self-Regulated Lobster Fishery


  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Damning Decision: Mount Cashel Victims Hope Supreme Court Holds Church Responsible for Horrific Abuse
  • CBC North – Nunavut – RCMP Violence in Nunavut
  • CBC New Brunswick – Special Care Home Exemptions
  • CBC North – Nunavut – The Small Abused: Child Sexual Abuse in Nunavut

Excellence in Data Storytelling

  • CBC Prince Edward Island – Climate Change Now: How Daily Life Has Already Changed on P.E.I.
  • CBC Nova Scotia – The Pandemic Unexpectedly Saved Thousands from Financial Ruin. But There’s a Reckoning on the Horizon

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC New Brunswick – Centennial Legacy Lost
  • CBC North – Nunavut – Stories in Stone: How a Hand-Built Stone Church Shaped a Community and Culture
  • CBC Prince Edward Island – DNA Test and Facebook Sleuthing


  • CBC New Brunswick – A Saint John Reporter Writes of His Mother’s Death From Covid, Two Provinces Away
  • HalifaxToday.ca – Let Me Tell You About My Friend Jenn Casey

Overall Excellence in Digital

  • CBC Nova Scotia – CBC N.S. Digital News
  • CTV Atlantic – A Season of Grief: Nova Scotia’s Darkest Days

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