RTDNA Canada Announces 2023 East Region Award Winners

Halifax, NS (June 15, 2023) RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize excellence in digital and broadcast journalism with the Regional Awards of Excellence.

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, platforms, stations, and news-gathering organizations in audio, digital, and video.

Congratulations to the winners for their excellent work!

2023 RTDNA Awards East Region Winners

Best Podcast

  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – One in Six: A Fertility Journey

Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • VOCM News – Hurricane Fiona Makes Landfall

News – Live Special Events

  • CBC New Brunswick – Hurricane Fiona


  • CityNews Halifax – Parkinson’s Doesn’t Have Me

 Radio Newscast (Small/Medium Market)

  • CityNews Halifax – The Morning News: The Aftermath of Fiona


Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Nova Scotia – Fiona Smashes into Atlantic Canada Washing Away Homes and Knocking Out Power

Excellence in Data Storytelling

  • CBC Atlantic Investigative Unit – Safe Sleep

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • CBC New Brunswick/Atlantic Investigative Unit – Equity on Ice

Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • Global News – N.S. Workers Say Wages, ‘Shut Up, Do Your Job’ Mentality Driving Labour Shortage          

News – Live Special Events

  • CityNews Halifax – citynews.halifax.ca: Fiona

Overall Excellence in Digital

  • CTV News Atlantic – CTV News: Highlights of 2022


 Continuing Coverage

  • CBC New Brunswick – ER Crisis: Sexual Assault Victim Turned Away

Enterprise Journalism

  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Poisoning the Well: Toxic Towns

Investigative Excellence         

  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador – Who Let the Wolves In?


Audio-Visual Storytelling (Small/Medium Market)

  • Global News – Mawita’jik Competition Pow Wow

 Breaking News (Small/Medium Market)

  • CTV News Atlantic – Breaking News: Fiona

Excellence in Editing (Small/Medium Market)

  • CBC Prince Edward Island – From Then to Now, Fiona’s Historic Hammering of Prince Edward Island 

Excellence in Video

  • CBC New Brunswick – George’s Last Flight

Excellence in Sports Reporting

  • NTV News – On the Mark: Changing History

 Feature News (Small/Medium Market)

  • Global News – Finding Joy in Tiny Tires

News – Live Special Events

  • CTV News Atlantic – 30 Years Later: The Westray Mine Disaster


  • CTV News Atlantic – Murphy’s Logic: Facts Over Feelings at the Mass Casualty Inquiry

 TV Newscast (Small/Medium Market) 

  • CTV News Atlantic – The Powerful Wrath of Fiona
    VJ – Video
  • CTV News Atlantic – It’s All in The Eyes: Author Inspires with Words & Determination

These East Region winners will now compete with winners from Central, Prairies, and West Regions for the Best Canadian Local News Awards.

 Best Canadian Local News Awards winners will be announced at the RTDNA Canada 2023 National Awards Gala on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

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