National Conference

June 3, 2021

Reckoning and Recovery: Journalism and the year that changed everything

We are taking our annual conference online this year, with a day-long schedule of presentations, panels and sessions to help make sense of what happened this past year, and how best to move forward.

Highlights will include: 

Bear Pit session – an annual session wherein the heads of news at the networks discuss their priorities for their respective news divisions as well as answer questions from members about their goals and plans for news coverage, staff objectives and a look at the state of media today.

Journalism by the Numbers
 – pollster Darrell Bricker on the impact a global crisis has had on news consumption, habits, preference and trust. 

Stop, Keep and Start
 – Figuring out what to do by knowing what NOT to do. Watch your email for our questionnaire on what’s good, bad, worthwhile and not so much in your news organization

Newsroom Trauma – Support for journalists who are suffering through an unprecedented year of violence and hate.

Innovations in Storytelling
 – Reaching new generations of news consumers

More details to come.