Lifetime Achievement Award

The RTDNA Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the highest honors bestowed by RTDNA Canada. It is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding service and continued excellence during the course of their career in broadcast journalism.

The award is for lifetime achievement rather for a single contribution. Nominees should have a minimum of 30 years of distinguished service to broadcast journalism.


Lifetime Achievement Award Winners History

Joanne MacDonaldCentral Region2019
Karen MacDonaldCentral Region2019
Brian MadoreEast Region2019
Troy Reeb Network2019
Joe SchlesingerNetwork2019
Geoff CurrierPrairie Region2019
Cecil RosnerPrairie Region2019
Rob GermainWest Region2019
Lynda SteeleWest Region2019
Bernard St-LaurentCentral Region2018
James StewartCentral Region2018
Brian ThomasCentral Region2018
Lynn BurryEast Region2018
Terry SeguinEast Region2018
Sandie Rinaldo Network 2018
Sheila ColesPrairie Region2018
Geoff SticklePrairie Region2018
Rick CluffWest Region2018
Hudson MackWest Region2018
Wayne WilliamsWest Region2018
John DalyBC Region2017
Celia WaltersBC Region2017
Keith LeslieCentral Region2017
Scott MetcalfeCentral Region2017
Mutsumi TakahashiCentral Region2017
Charles AdlerNetwork2017
Terry MilewskiNetwork2017
Gord GilliesPrairie Region2017
David SpencePrairie Region2017
Debbie CooperAtlantic Region2017
Jim HaskinsAtlantic Region2017
Clive JacksonBC Region2016
Frank StandfordBC Region2016
Peter MansbridgeCentral Region2016
Tom ClarkCentral Region2016
Gord SteinkePrairie Region2016
Murray WoodPrairie Region2016
Allan RoweAtlantic Region2016
Gary MacDonaldAtlantic Region2016
Gerry PhelanAtlantic Region2015
Mike CameronAtlantic Region2015
Dave GerryBC Region2015
Mark ForsytheBC Region2015
Lloyd RobertsonCentral Region2015
Linden MacIntyre
Central Region2015
Lisa Ford Prairie Region2015
Tony TighePrairie Region2015
Rick GrantAtlantic Region2014
Peter CoadeAtlantic Region2014
Dave AgarCentral Region2014
Peter DownieCentral Region2014
Michael FulmesPrairie Region2014
Deborra HopeBC Region2014
John McCombBC Region2014
Bob MacEachernAtlantic Region2013
Bill JessomeAtlantic Region2013
Don CameronCentral Region2013
Bob McIntyre Central Region2013
Ed MasonPrairie Region2013
Bob MaloneyPrairie Region2013
Ian HaysomBC Region2013
Bill GoodBC Region2013
Rick HoweAtlantic Region2012
Steve MurphyAtlantic Region2012
Warren BeckCentral Region2012
Dave Wright (Posthumously)Central Region2012
Murray BlakelyPrairie Region2012
Alex DockingPrairie Region2012
Steve WyattBC Region2012
Betty SelinBC Region2012
Costas HalavrezosAtlantic Region2011
Mark Dailey (Posthumously)Central Region2011
Ross KentnerCentral Region2011
Jim SmalleyPrairie Region2011
Tim SpelliscyPrairie Region2011
Dave Biro BC Region2011
Earl Seitz BC Region2011
Wayne ClarkAtlantic Region2010
Dave DevallCentral Region2010
Peter Silverman Central Region2010
Hal GardinerPrairie Region2010
Carl Worth Prairie Region2010
Jim FurlongAtlantic Region2009
Don ConnollyAtlantic Region2009
Tom MarkBC Region2009
Mike WoodworthBC Region2009
David CraigCentral Region2009
Andy MendhamCentral Region2009
Bob LaytonPrairie Region2009
Sylvia KuzykPrairie Region2009
Doug CollinsBC Region2008
Vicki GabereauBC Region2008
Vern KoopPrairie Region2008
Mike McCourtPrairie Region2008
Dan McLeanCentral Region2008
Gord HarrisCentral Region2008
Tom YoungAtlantic Region2008
Wayne MantykaPrairie Region2007
Bob Ridley Prairie Region2007
Gord MartineauCentral Region2007
John McKayCentral Region2007
Gary HanneyBC Region2007
Ben MeisnerBC Region2007
Paddy Gregg Atlantic Region2007
Elmer HarrisAtlantic Region2007
Israel AsperBC Region2004 & 2007
Bill SturrupCentral Region2004 & 2007
Alan WaltonBC Region2006
Joe EasingwoodBC Region2006
Darrel JanzPrairie Region2006
Harv KroekerPrairie Region2006
Lowell GreenCentral Region2006
Bill HauglandCentral Region2006
Bas JamiesonAtlantic Region2006
Mike CritchAtlantic Region2006
John AshbridgeBC Region2005
Mike Roberts Central Region2005
Bruce HoglePrairie Region2005
Bob BeatonPrairie Region2005
Pete JamesCentral Region2005
Jim JunkinCentral Region2005
Vince GallantAtlantic Region2005
Andy WalshBC Region2004
JJ RichardsBC Region2004
George GarrettBC Region2004
Keith BradburyBC Region2004
Jim MatternPrairie Region2004
Roger CurriePrairie Region2004
Pete McGarveyCentral Region2004
Bruce GrahamAtlantic Region2004
Warren BarkerBC Region2003
Frank FlegelPrairie Region2003
Lorne HarasenPrairie Region2003
Hal AnthonyCentral Region2003
Gord SinclairCentral Region2003
Clancy MacDonaldCentral Region2003
Ray ZinckAtlantic Region2003

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