The RTDNA Bert Cannings Award was one of two new awards introduced in 1993, and goes to the “Best Television Newscast” which displays overall excellence in the presentation of a regularly scheduled news broadcast.

Bert was a founder of RTDNA Canada. Unfortunately, Bert never lived to see the first award presented as he died at the age of 82 of a heart attack six months before it was handed out.

Born in 1911, the veteran radio and television broadcaster started his career in journalism in Calgary. Bert’s accomplishments included stations in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton.

In addition to serving as the RTDNA Canada President in 1967 and ’68, he also served on the board of RTDNA International (Vice President-Radio) in 1960. As well as having an award named after him, Bert was also the recipient of many honors himself.

Widely remembered for his popular and controversial “Cannings Comments”, the legend was inducted into the Toronto Press Club’s Canadian News Hall of Fame in 1982.

The year after his death, Bert Cannings was among six prominent Canadian broadcast pioneers, achievers and risk-takers selected to the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.

This is a regional and network Award based on Market Size – Small, Medium and Large.
Market size is applicable to regional entries only.
Maximum length – 30 minutes

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