RTDNA Canada is pleased to recognize journalistic excellence with the winners of the 2020 RTDNA Canada Lifetime Achievement Awards. RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best journalists, programs, stations and newsgathering organizations in radio, television and digital.  

Congratulations to the winners for their outstanding service and continued excellence.

To view career highlights and messages from all of our 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award winners, please visit our YouTube Channel or click on the links below:




  Lisa LaFlamme

  Media release  •  Message from Lisa


  Eric Sorensen

  Media release  •  Highlight reel •  Message from Eric


East Region


  Glen Carter

  Media release  •  Highlight reel


  Pat Martel

  Media release


Central Region


  Sean O’Shea

  Media release  •  Highlight reel


  Emma Saganash

  Media release  •  Highlight reel


  Ken Shaw

  Media release  •  Highlight reel


Prairies Region


  Sandi Coleman

  Media release  •  Highlight reel  •  Message from Sandi


  Terry Vogt

  Media release  •  Highlight reel  


  Rosalie Woloski

  Media release  Message from Rosalie


West Region


  Gord Macdonald

  Media release •  Highlight reel  •  Message from Gord


  Ed Watson

  Media release  •  Highlight reel  •  Message from Ed

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